TelePAWS only hires the best vets for your pet. Our vets are each hand selected for their exceptional clinical experience, friendly demeanor, and love of animals. All of our vets are licensed doctors of veterinary medicine (DVM), have at least two years of clinical experience, and share in the TelePAWS mission to provide efficient, affordable, and convenient care for your pet.

Dr. Kerry Milliken
My name is Dr. Kerry Milliken, and I have been both avid and active in my practice of veterinary medicine for over twenty years.

I have dedicated my life to not only protecting but also maximizing the life quality of my animal patients. I have and continue to fulfill this promise through many avenues including private practice, zoo and shelter/rescue organizations.

My commitment to providing excellence demands staying focused and implementing improvements as they unfold within my profession. Continuing education through technology has revolutionized staying current and sharing with colleagues.

Using the same concept, TelePAWS offers a revolutionary way for clients to reach out to veterinary professionals in real time through their computers. Quick and effective sharing of a case can be the difference between life and death for certain patients. The keys here are “quick” and “effective.” While not every case may be critical, to be available for immediate consultation can and should provide peace of mind to all pet owners.

Dr. Perry
Dr. Perry has 10 years of experience working with cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, rodents, and amphibians. He is published in veterinary information articles and experienced in surgery, internal medicine, and emergency. He grew up in Montana and currently lives in California with his dog and family. Dr. Perry joined TelePAWS to help people around the world find crucial answers to their questions and to help those make important medical decisions for their pet.

Dr. John Sangiorgio
Dr. Sangiorgio is a man of many talents. Veterinary medicine is his first. After practicing for over 25 years, thousands of happy clients sing his praised. Upon his graduation from the University of Milan Veterinary School, he opened the first privately owned emergency clinic in New York City. He is the recipient of many awards including Veterinarian of the year, and Outstanding Service to Veterinary medicine. Outside the confines of the veterinary hospital he has testified many times on behalf of animals at the city and state level, has been a veterinary adviser to HBO for the TV series 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'Newsroom' and appeared multiple times on Fox News with both Ernie Anastos and Rosanna Scotto. Dr. John rappelled multiple time down buildings in Albany and Long Island for charities.Dr. Sangiorgio's hobby is professional acting. You can see him in roles as diverse as a human orthopedic surgeon, a marathon runner, and a homeless person. Watch for him in upcoming films and music videos.

Dr. Rowan-Hitchcock
Dr. Jennifer Rowan-Hitchcock originally grew up on a ranch in rural, North Central Nebraska and has returned to Nebraska after practicing for 7 years in Las Vegas, Nevada, upon graduation from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Rowan-Hitchcock has over 14 years of experience in companion animal medicine and surgery.  She is currently completing her certification in veterinary medical acupuncture and enjoys utilizing numerous physical medicine modalities, such as acupuncture, cold laser, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and massage to improve the quality of life of her patients.  She has joined TelePAWS because she enjoys the opportunity to help pets and pet parents on a much larger scale.  In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and son and the members of their family "funny farm," which includes a cat, 2 dogs, 3 goats, 2 horses and a very noisy parrot.

Dr. Adler-Bush
Dr. Adler-Bush grew up on the Jersey Shore. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and has been in small animal practice for nearly 20 years. Dr. Adler-Bush sees mostly cats and dogs. She is excited about being a part of the TelePAWS team and focused on helping customers. She lives on the East Coast with her husband, son, and two very silly cats.

Dr. Leslie Hancock
2001 Graduate from the University of Georgia with a post-doctorate in clinical nutrition from UC Davis.  Dr. Hancock have worked in small animal clinical practice for 18 years and is also a Research Fellow in Small Animal Nutrition. She lives with her daughter, 2 cats, dog, house rabbit, chickens and a horse and enjoys spending time with her daughter and riding her bike all over southern california when she has free time. 

Do you want to work from your home at times that are convenient for you? Do you have access to videoconferencing via Skype, FaceTime, or a similar application? TelePAWS is looking for friendly, compassionate vets who have at least two years of clinical experience. Please email your resume to our Chief Veterinary Officer, for review: [email protected]