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Virtual Video Consults with a Licensed Veterinarian


Servicing pets and their owners throughout the U.S.

Welcome to TelePAWS

In the delivery of veterinary care, distance and convenience is a critical factor. We are focused on delivering an innovative way to assess your pet’s condition, offer care advice and guidance (Teleadvice) and determine if an immediate need for a visit to the clinic is necessary (Teletriage) while overcoming physical distances. We provide real time video conferencing between your precious pets and our veterinarians. We’ll advise an effective holistic approach to care if available. TelePAWS appointments are aimed at reducing travel and wait times, bridging gaps in care, expanding preventive outreach, and making it convenient for pets and their owners. Our goal is to improve your pet's overall health.

Meds & More

Depending on the state you are located in, our veterinarians may be able to write necessary prescriptions for your pet. Please sign up as a user for free and request an appointment to find out if your state allows you to obtain a prescription for non-urgent conditions.

Non-Urgent Care

Whether you are unsure if your pet needs immediate veterinarian care, or if you just have a general question, we will make it convenient for you to make this determination in the comfort of your and your pet's own home.